Friday, May 18, 2012

Meet Mr. 'Stitch

Here he is, looking really fine:

Took him for his first ride last evening. Cool, sunny, not much traffic on the slab (Hwy 401), or back roads. Was average 14 degrees C. Proved to be wind proof. Had all the vents zippered up except the back horizontal just below the shoulders. Felt a cooling on my back, so zipped them up when I got home.

On the bike, feels great. You forget it's there.

Only problem is, where to attach the controller for the heated vest? I need something near he left pocket, but it is smooth there. So, I made an adapter. Not my original idea, but I could not find a key ring large enough for the controller's clip. Oh well, good for a first try.



Now I ask you, does that not look neat?

Not bad for an Electrical Engineer...


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