Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lowered Pegs Test Ride – 2011 R1200RT

Well, the difference is astounding and outstanding! Who would have thunk it?

Me, for one. Same problem on the old Triumph Legend TT (2000). Knees hurt badly after riding in traffic or for more than an hour. Solved it by having the seat rebuilt about “these three pieces of carpet underpadding” higher. Worked great.

And the Suburban Machinery Peg Lowering Kit works marvelously for me. I now find it easier to lift my leg up and off the peg and down to the ground. In traffic, I do this a lot, and it was so much harder before! Also, I can more easily push down on the pegs to raise my rear from the seat. This makes going over railway crossings more comfortable and safer too.

After a bit of thought, I think I might now know why this works for me. The first clue was the alteration necessary on my Aerostich Roadcrafter pants. Had to have two inches taken out between the hip and knee. That’s two inches of lever arm. That lever arm raises the lower leg, foot, and boots. All these are heavy. With lowered pegs, down a bit and forward a bit, the knee angle is less acute and the upper leg lever action works better. Better is good.

So, I am very happy. I think this will be a great improvement for the Big Ride starting June 01.

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