Saturday, May 19, 2012

Improved Vest Adapter, Etc

Took a bunch of 2 lane sideroads to Fergus this morning. On departing Mississauga, it was10.5 C, so I plugged in the electric vest, and off I went. Sunny, no traffic at 7am, and the trees, cows, fields were lovely.

No, I did not take any pictures. That would mean stopping...and I wanted to ride, not stop.

In Fergus, I stopped at a favourite place, Tim Horton's, for a coffee. Dismounted and unplugged. Let the Powerlet cord (fancy cigarette lighter thingy) dangle. Walked to Timmy's, kicking the cord as I went. I was inspired to improve my adapter. Yes, the one I was so pleased with yesterday - now I could not abide it.

So, on the return ride, the Engineer pondered. Et Voila:

And, installed on Mr. 'Stitch:

More innovations? Sure, you can buy short straps with loops on both ends for $20 a set plus shipping, and wait for Canada Post to relay them from the US Postal service...

Or, get some nice cordage, and tie a couple of Knots and ...


And finally, a picture of The Bike sitting outside my house, waiting to be garaged:


That's it for today!

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