Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day -1: Departure Tomorrow

After all the planning, departure day is Friday, June 01, that would be tomorrow!

The weather forecast right now shows showers start at 4am, turn to rain at 6am. Guess when I depart Mississauga? Guess when I clear customs the other side of the bridge at Sarnia? Well, that's why I bought the 'Stitch.

Basically, all packed, a bit of fine tuning to do.

A few things to do before I go, exciting things - cutting grass, cutting my hair (takes little time!), and packing the electronics, mostly battery chargers. I need to gas up. May use that as a practice run to see how the bike handles when loaded. I'm interested in how the adjustable suspension feels. With one-up, there is only a subtle difference. With the added weight, maybe more difference? I suspect so. May put the low seat in the high position, if not today, maybe tomorrow. May change it at gas stops, just to give the legs a different position. Lots of choices, which I never had on previous bikes.

This will be the first big trip with luggage on board.

Rodney says he too is ready, almost, will be here before dark, and we will have an early night, to get an early departure.

Update 1: my hard bag liners arrived in the mail at 4pm. Thanks everyone at TLC.

Update 2: seems packing might be done, except for this iPad and bits.

Update 3: Rodney has arrived. We are having a Bon Voyage bit of bubbly, but off to an early start just after 4am.

So, good night!