Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trial Roadcrafter Suit came Friday!

Well, I did not expect delivery of my 2-piece Aerostich Roadcrafter "protective suit" until Monday. FedEx earned their $60. 5PM Tuesday ex Duluth and Friday 2pm in Mississauga (just west of Toronto), including customs clearance. Since it is made in US, no duty applied, but did have to pay HST.

Opening the box, noticed a User Manual and a nice coat hanger. Suit itself was in a plastic bag.

This suit is heavy, Dianne said it was at least as heavy as my old Joe Rocket suit, and she is right (and wrong too...). Actually, I wanted a thinner-than-JR jacket and pants, and that is what I got. The material is denser and the high-tech armor is heavier. The armor is the kind that is soft until impact; then, it gets really hard and protects elbows and knees from sharp stuff like rocks and stuff.

The size 48 Short fits nicely. The jacket with electric vest and base layer long sleeve shirt is snug but not overly tight. I am not buying it to fit over a business suit, but that's what many people do. The pants fit nicely too, over the convertible leg cargo pants I intend to wear with the suit, so I know that the long moisture wicking underwear will be fine too. I did find, as expected, that the knee armor was two inches below where it should be. No problem, the trial suit was the wrong color and was intended to be returned anyway. $26 more to FedEX..., but it will be back to them by next Friday by ground not air.

The nice folks at Aerostich use last Tuesday's date as the order date and will ship the Gray w/ Hi-Viz Yellow Ballistic patches and altered suit to me no later than May 11, so it will be here before my June 1 departure for sure ... I'm sure. I'm sure I'm sure... Damn, I'll be sweating this until it's here, won't I?

Workmanship on the trial suit was impressive. Material is top notch. Suit is fully lined with smooth nylon so it slips right on and does not grab your street clothes, twisting them, tightening them around... well, you know. The zipper attaching the pants to the jacket is 7/8 or more of the circumference. I could use it or one of the other zippers as a temporary replacement gear in the transmission if I had to... .

I was warned that it would be a bit stiff and getting it on the first time would be a learning experience. It was, but the second time was a lot easier. You put on your boots before the pants! There is a bit of a trick getting the right boot through a hole at the top of the pant, but the rest of the right leg is completely unzipped and flat. Right arm in sleeve, left arm in other sleeve, pull pants up, zip right leg down, zip left leg, zip up jacket, good to go!

Gave the alteration details to Christine, who is a lovely, helpful person, and all is in order. Just have to wait!

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