Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Riding Suit: Light at the end of the tunnel

Last week I tried to get a riding jacket and pants set. I was willing to pay up to $1000 CAD. And, I failed. One suit had pants that located the armor too much below my knee. Yes, I know the manufacturer must make some compromises in sizes offered, but this suit was right up against my limits and I was not pleased. Other suits were tried, but they were out of the budget by a mile.

Who manufactures and alters to fit? Well, I don’t know the complete list of those who do, but one well known firm does – Aerostich. So, today, I have ordered a two-piece Roadcrafter suit.

As a run-up to this, I had my wife take measurements (good) and entered them into the Aerostitch Web site’s sizing tool (should have just called them.) Did this Saturday night, got the reply Tuesday am. I was a bit puzzled by the reply, so I ended up calling them. Talked to Christine, who was a joy to talk to.

But, the conversation was a bit different than I expected. Yes, I should have known it would be.

I expected: with the measurements I provided to the tool, they would be able to alter a stock suit and send it to me.

I got: the process they follow is to send a stock suit that is likely to fit. Christine suggested a size a few sizes smaller than the tool recommended after she asked me about a back protector (declined) and how much layering I was going to use (no need to go over a suit – I’m retired, but I will use a heated vest sometimes). Ordered that suit and it will ship today. When it comes, I must try it on, sit on the bike, make sure the third seam in the leg is at mid-kneecap or measure the difference, and advise them of my findings. Then, I ship the test suit back to them.

They will immediately start to make the suit I need, in the correct colors, with the correct measurements. The official order date is today, and they will accept a “must ship by” date. I need the suit before June 01, when I plan to leave to ride cross-US to BC and then cross-Canada back to Toronto.

I pay shipping three times, duty and taxes once.

If they ship the second suit before they get the first one back, they charge my card again. Then, they give me a credit when the test suit is received.

It’s all very fair. Costing more than my budget. But, at least it will fit. And, all I have to worry about is the timing.

More on this as it happens.

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