Monday, April 30, 2012

Peg Lowering Kit on the way!

I had been fussing about whether to get this or not. I experimented with seat heights and such, but was concerned about the knee pain and some shin pain. The shin pain was probably caused by too much exercise and has abated over the last week because I took it easy on purpose. I was afraid of Shin Splints. Not just because of the pain, but because they take a long time to heal. The Big Trip across the country would not be a good healing therapy. Happily, I don't think I have any damage.

Yet, I do remember I had to have the Triumph's seat rebuilt to add height. For a short guy, this was a revelation. I figured lower was better, so as to get a firm footing at traffic lights. Yes, that is vital. But, when the feet are on the pegs, a low seat can cause the angle at the knee to be more than my legs favour. This was true back in the 1970s on the old Honda 350, but I usually only took short trips on it, and I was younger then too.

In any case, I decided to play it safe and ordered a lowering kit for the pegs from Suburban Machinery. They will be here in 2 to 5 days, I'm told. From Ohio. Via US Mail and Canada Post. I will not be holding my breath after the 2 days or even the 5 days. I will use the time to research circlips. How to remove and reinstall.

I am going looking on the web for circlip tools. Did a little bit today. Penknife bottle opener video from UK looked interesting. Adding a bit of tape to the clip (?) before removal so as to catch it when it pings away, never to be seen again (until after I bought a replacement-I have the time now to go buy a handful, yes, better do that...) was a hint from an Australian chap.

Maybe John B will have suggestions.

Should be easy. Lots of good reports from the BMW MOA forum. Folks say they are easy to install. Always bothers me, these folks with the mechanical skills to make these things easy. But, it's an adventure, isn't it?

More when I know more.


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