Friday, April 20, 2012

First Wrenching on R1200RT

Rodney wanted to go riding.

So, I had to do a few things. First, put on the coffee and have a cup. I went downstairs and turned on the compressor, which is plumbed to the garage. I drove over to the Canadian Tire store, and purchased a liter of Castrol 10W40 conventional oil. Open the garage door, look for a funnel, two grungy for words, will have to take that inside and clean it. On the way, better look at where that oil filler cap is located. Not on the left side, I wonder where it is...

Using a little soap and water, I cleaned up the funnel. Next I found the iPad, and went to the BMW MOA forum for technical information. Ahah, it’s on the clutch side. I wonder what side that is? Wel,l we know it can’t be the left side… After another coffee, back outside, now knowing which side is the clutch side.
Using the ignition key, I looked under the rear seat and extracted the toolkit. Gee, I wonder what’s in the toolkit? So I opened it up, looked inside, and started laughing. Pretty cheap little tool kit, Mr BMW.

Anyway, I found the special tool required to remove the oil filler cap.

When I remove the oil filter cap, the o-ring fell on the garage floor… So I cleaned it, and reinstalled it.
The sight glass was about 1/3 full. And, when riding, there was a “check oil level” indicator showing in the display. So, just how much oil should I add in order to get the sight glass level to be 2/3 full? So I inserted the funnel, opened the oil bottle, and poured out three glugs of oil into the funnel.

What is a glug you might ask? It’s a very scientific measurement of course. It is the amount you can pour without any spilling out of the funnel, which is being held at an angle. Add “Funnel”, “Oil”, and “Rag” to the packing list for the Big Trip too.Turns out, it wasn’t quite enough. The warning indicator would reappear, disappear when we stopped, but would reappear after about ½ hour of riding. Clearly, I needed more glugs of oil. At the end of the ride, I put the bike on the centrestand and added three more glugs. As of this morning, sight glass level is at 2/3, which is where I wanted it to be. So, 6 glugs of oil is about ¼ litre. Should be fine now. I’ll check it on the next ride.

Before the ride, I also had to add air to the tires, I found the tire valve on the rear wheel quite easily. It was sticking up vertically just as I expected it to be. Then I went to the front. I looked all around the rim for the valve, and didn’t see it at all. Had to be there didn’t it? Looking a little bit more closely, I finally found it! There it was sticking out of a spoke! Horizontally! Wow, what a fancy wheel.

So, all in all, my first attempt had wrenching on the new bike was quite successful, even if it was trivial.


  1. Looks like preparations are underway for the big ride. About the tool kit, everybody goes cheap nowadays. Keep posting like this. I liked the details.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. It's nice to have one's writing praised. I do try to be clear.

      Keep reading the newer posts - quite a bit there that might interest you.